5 Reasons Why you Need a Website Redesign

5 Reasons Why you Need a Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Owning your own business is a lot of work. There are hundreds of different things that need your attention and you not be able to give 100% to all of them. One aspect of your business that you cannot afford to ignore is your website. You may need think a website redesign is unnecessary but we give you 5 reasons why you need one.
Website Redesign Responsive Website

  1. Make it mobile-friendly

    Not only does a responsive and mobile optimised site make it easier for people to view your website on different devices but Google will rank mobile optimised websites higher than those that are not.
    The below stats show that you shouldn’t ignore the importance of a mobile optimised website

    • Over 20% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device.
    • In 2012, more than half of local searches were performed on a mobile device.
    • In the United States, 25% of internet users only access the internet on a mobile device.
    • 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.
    • 25.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones, and 10.16% are opened on tablets.

    By incorporating responsive design into your new website, you’ll be assured of reaching a larger audience than you would with a website that’s not mobile-friendly.

  2. Incorporate social media
    If your website doesn’t feature social media in some way, you are way behind the times (and probably behind your competitors, as well). Including links to your social network profiles is the bare minimum you should include – even better is adding social sharing tools that make it easy for users to share, tweet, or pin your content. Redesigning your website can help make it easier for users to connect with you socially and spread the word about your business via their social networks.
  3. Add New Functionality
    If you want to add a blog, forums, e-commerce, or other major features or tools to your website, a redesign is probably in order. That way you can ensure that everything flows seamlessly throughout the website, and it won’t look like the new feature was just tacked on as an afterthought.
  4. Incorporate Re-branding
    If your business has undergone re-branding, you’ll most certainly need to redesign your website (along with your other marketing materials). And re-branding isn’t always just about a new logo and colours – it often will require an update to the content of your website, as well, so don’t forget that aspect of your website makeover.
  5. Keep it up to date
    The web world is always changing, and web technology that was cool and cutting-edge a few years ago may be out-of-date today. With a website redesign you can take advantage of the latest technology that web-savvy users expect.

If you are thinking of a website redesign for your organisation to improve on the number of visitors that will translate into new inquiries and essentially more sales please contact us today.